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We offer the following payment options:

To complete your order you’ll need your checking and routing number. Savings accounts are not accepted.

Bank wire
Email us for bank wire information

For a refresher on how to pay with Zelle, once you select this payment option during checkout, your order will submitted but not be fully complete! Our payment email address will pop up on the order page for you to send the payment for your order. You have 48 hours to complete this payment, otherwise, your order will be canceled and not shipped. Zelle payment orders are not processed or shipped same-day unless payment is sent right away! Our Zelle payment email is (coming soon)

(We currently accept BTC, LTC and ETH.) Scan the QR code when prompted to pay when you choose this payment method. Follow the various steps that appear on your screen. You have 60 minutes to complete the payment before it times out.